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Like every professional racing driver, I also started racing in karts. The first time I drove was at the karting track in Uitgeest in 2006. From that moment on I practice a lot during the winter of 2006/2007. My first season of racing was in 2007 in the class mini-juniors. I was rewarded rookie of the year, because I won the Dutch Championship in my first season of racing. In 2008 I remained in the class and defended my title successfully. In 2009 I went to the Junior class. Actually I was to young to drive in this class, but the Dutch federation gave me a special permission to drive in this class, because of the titles I won in the mini-junior class. Again I won the national Championship. I also was invited to drive in the World Cup in Japan. For a 11 year old boy, this was a special experience and I still have contact with the great people I have met there. The following year I drove in all the big international events and the very competitive German Championship. This was a great time and it is fun to see that guys like Esteban Ocon, Lance Stroll and of course Max Verstappen, which I drove together with, are all in Formula 1 now. Although it was a fun year, I had a lot of bad luck and towards the end of the year the results were getting worse and the fun was less than ever before. 2011 was the year I drove with the factory team of CRG. I hoped that this year would be better and that the fun came back. I also went to a special school to get free for racing. The beginning was not like I hoped and the bad luck was still by my side. Because of this, the fun of racing was gone and I decided to quit racing. Until 2013, when I met my trainer and good friend Frans Vörös. 

Photo Of The Month

With the page ''Photo of the Month" I want to tell you a story about my racing life. It can be a photo from 10 years ago, or from last month. With this story I want to show people more about the life of a racing driver and the things I have experienced so far.

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