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My first full season of racing was in 2014. In the winter of 2013/2014 I was asked to drive a Corvette GT car of Dayvtec Engineering. I drove there a my first race in a Suzuki Swift in 2013. We were not sure if this was the right choice, because at that time I only drove 2 car races in my life and the switch from a small car with only 100hp to a GT car with 500hp is big. We decided to do a test first and see how it goes. At Zandvoort I drove my first meters in the car and it went beyond expectation. We decided to take the big step and drive the Corvette in the 2014 season of the Supercar Challenge. We planned to make this year a learning year. The first race of the season was at Zandvoort. In the qualification my teammate putted the car on pole position. In the first race of the weekend my teammate started the race and drove away from the rest of the field. At the time of the pitstop he came in at P1 and I took over the steering wheel. Unfortunately, the belts got stuck and we weren't able to adjust the size. We somehow managed to make them bigger, but we lost a lot of time. We ended the race at P3, but we know we had to win it. From that moment on I knew that it was not only a learning year, but we also were able to fight for the championship.

Photo Of The Month 

With the page ''Photo of the Month" I want to tell you a story about my racing life. It can be a photo from 10 years ago, or from last month. With this story I want to show people more about the life of a racing driver and the things I have experienced so far.

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